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Unblock your blog's url on Facebook

Unblock my blog's link on Facebook

One of this keywords might have brought you here:
1. How to unblock my blog's link from Facebook
2. How to unblock my blog's link on Facebook
3. How to unban my url on Facebook

You are at the right place, this article was written to satisfy affected victims of Facebook link ban.
Firstly after using this article to unblock your link, try to be careful for if not to be banned again. please don't forget to share after reading

Nowadays, lots of people have fall victim of their URL been blocked, banned or blacklisted by so many engines and social media. The funny part is that most people that are been blocked or banned from a particular place don’t even know what they did wrong. A major way you can stop been blacklisted is to avoid Spamming. Now how can you stop spamming? It’s simple, avoid posting your links all the time and everywhere in a particular place in the name of getting backlinks or getting clicks to your site. You might end up not just been banned from a social media or site but also banned by GOOGLE. If you want to get traffic to your site there are genuine ways of doing that. Read more on how To Drive Traffic To Your Site. To unblock a link on facebook is not an easy tax Facebook is a site where you interact, meet people and also advertise of so many things for free due to the high volume of people that are on it.

1. The first method I used was to click the “let us know” link to report the mistake that i saw which i did almost every day but my blog link was still blocked. All I kept getting was automated replies.

2. The second method I used was my fans: I thought maybe due to the high number of complains, my request might not be seen and possibly buried among too many other messages. So I asked my fans on my page to help me make complaint as well. With the hope that if the complain was much, they will look into it but unfortunately, after gathering like almost 200 of my fans to help, it still didn’t work. 
3. Thirdly I Used a URL shortener: When I got my URL shorten, I was so happy thinking it would work but it didn’t. Now what people fail to understand is that a URL shortner is still the same as your main link. What the URL shortener did was just to shorten it for me, once inserted into facebook, you will be notified instantly. Below is an image that you will see if you use a URL shortner of any kind either by Google, bitly or any other when you are blocked.
But mind you URL shortener is cool; you can use it anywhere that’s if you are not banned of course. Click to get your URL shortener for google and for bitly.

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