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How To Get Free Verified USA Phone Number For Call, Text And Others


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Getting a US phone number in Nigeria isn’t rocket science, and it isn’t word-on-the-street information either. Changing your phone number to a US number might sound suspicious but on the white side, it has its advantages and disadvantages, some of the former being that changing your phone number can protect you from giving out your real phone number and it can save your loved ones who are US residents extra on international call charges. To change your phone number to look like a US number, follow the simple steps below. Log on to callcentric.com Sign-up for a free account with com and click continue. CallCentric will send you a confirmation mail to verify your email address. Note: You’ll need to put your original phone number and email while registering with CallCentric for you to be able to verify your account. To verify, log on to your email account and look for the verification mail from them. Once you’ve verified the email address, provide your city and country code. Tick the “I agree to the terms and conditions” box and click “Sign me up.” CallCentric will now provide you with a virtual tour of their websites. Skip it and choose – “Go to My CallCentric.” The next screen will list your CallCentric # in the format “1777**” – copy that number to the clipboard.

Note: If you are a tad bit confused, or if you want to, you can accept the tour but don’t leave the page without copying the number that begins with “1777**” Open a new browser tab and go to ipkall.com. Set the account type as SIP and paste the CallCentric # from the clipboard into the field that says SIP Username. The default area code for your local US phone number is 253 but you may choose a different one from the drop-down. Set the host name as in.callcentric.com and choose. Then set the email as the same email address and password that you used while setting up your CallCentric account. In about 60 seconds, an email from ipkall.com should drop in your inbox with your new local phone number. Keep the email handy as you’ll need it while configuring the SIP client.

Note: Your new number cannot work yet but don’t panic, we just need to activate it.
For the activation, download and install
Express Talk on your computer(The trial version is good enough).
Note: Make sure that you don’t install any of the “optional components” like toolbars, etc. during the setup.
During the installation, choose the default options for all the wizard screens.
When you are on “SIP Setup,” choose “Yes, I already have a SIP account” and click Next.
Then fill in the SIP details as in as you did on ipkall website.
Finish the setup and you can close your browser tabs.
You can now start handling over your US number to people.

This article was half gotten from NIGERIANFINDER when I was researching.

If you need a real, i mean real USA phone number with sim card, you can contact me (Mobankz) and i will help you out. And note that its not free. 

CONTACT ME ON +2348100187078 OR HERE

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